Full synopsis



Well-known science-fiction writer Alexander Khakimov (this role has been played by A.Khakimov himself) has signed the favorable, expensive contract with one very "abrupt" publishing house on a writing of the fantastic book under the name "The last one". A genre of this book – the book-accident (on similarity to American films-accidents). In this book the writer describes a doomsday situation when destructive intervention of the person in the nature and ecological disasters have awakened to life so-called "Ancients" - terrible archetypical and the prehistoric Beings who were sleeping in bowels of the Earth and waiting for the hour to be awakened. These hidden, but nevertheless powerful Beings, after having been awakened, have destroyed all live on our planet. No one of a human being has survived.  No one except one person – the science fiction writer himself, who being deeply affected by this happened world accident, as the unique remained witness writes the book under the title "The last one".


But in a film the writer just starts to work. The book isn't written yet. On the typewriter – and writer A.Khakimov prefers to work in the old manner till now – the name of the future book – "The Last one" after which the writer sinks down into meditation for some minutes only.


But drowsy "catalepsy" has lasted much longer. Being within the depths of his subconsciousness the writer “writes” the book and “achieves” success in a society. The book becomes sensation in the literature world, marks and recognizes as the best book of a year on a fantasy nomination. And Khakimov reaps an international recognition... and


... And, eventually, gets to that terrible environment which has described in his book. That is he has predicted the future of mankind and his own future.


…One among thrown, deserted space with invisible, but, nevertheless, near to awful, ancient Beings – fruits of its own imagination.


Being in the world invented by him himself, Khakimov reinterprets the former cynical position according to which the writer (any creative person) can write (think out) everything he wishes.


Now, having founded out himself within the world of his own imagination A.Khakimov realizes that the writer is responsible for each word, for each thought and not only written, but also only mentally thought over. Getting this unusual experience he is personally convinced that the world created up by his own imagination is no less, and even more real, than that physical validity in which we live.


Having realized it Khakimov, in one of the decisive moments, being under an extreme nervous tension and strong psychological attack of the "Ancients" (those terrible Beings) ultimately makes a certain gesture which rescues him by returning to our physical validity...  


It awakes up in own apartment (comes out off a meditative stage into which he has got before beginning the work) and refuses idea of the future book-accident.


He destroys the sheet on which the name of the future book has been printed. It, of course, will lead to rupture of the favorable contract with fashionable publishing house, possible loss of property and etc.


But writer doesn’t concern of it, as, thanks to the internal vision, which forced him to pass through a psycho-apocalyptic hell...  A.Khakimov has awakened up to new life...


Teymur Daimi