Teymur Daimi is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and philosopher (PH.D), who studied at the Azimzadeh College of Art and at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art. His professional interest lies in interdisciplinary activity comprehending visual arts, filmmaking, experimental cinema, theory of perception, art writing, pedagogical practice, neurophysiology, psycho-technologies, anthropological practices. He is an established writer whose articles have appeared in art publications around the world. Teymur's work was among the work chosen to represent the visual art of Azerbaijan at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2007. His articles were published in the Azerbaijani pavilion’s catalogues for the 52nd and 54th Venice Biennale.


Was born in Baku on January 26, 1966

From 1981 to 1985 I studied in the Azerbaijani State Art school of A. Azimzade after whom continued education at the State University of Culture and Arts which finished in 1993.

Belongs to generation of the modern Azerbaijani artists who actively entered on the arena of the art republic in the late eighties of the last century. Exactly during this period, T. Daimi along with his friends founds the Azerbaijan's first independent art group "Tesdig".

From the very beginning of art activity along with art practice he is engaged in theoretical researches. Since 1990 activity of the artist accepts interdisciplinary character. In 1996 publishes the book "Finding of the Way".

In 2000 defends the dissertation on philosophy at Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and the Right of Academy of Science of Azerbaijan.

In 2009 represents Azerbaijan on the Biennial in Venice. In 2007 and 2011 enters into the team developing the concept of national pavilion of the Venetian biennial and as an art critic writes articles to catalogs of these expositions.

From 2003 to 2005 works as the screenwriter and the film director in the Caspian Supplies company.

In 2005 – an art consultant of the "Assistance to Formation of the Market of the Modern Art and to Development Business Art" project (the Art Caucasus 2005)

In 2006 – the Coeditor of the international magazine on the contemporary  art "Cord".

From 2006 to 2009. Member of the International Confederation of Cinematographers (IFASK)

From 2007 to 2010 – the Coeditor of the international Internet portal on Culture and Art

Now works as a teacher in the Azerbaijan State Art College at Academy of Arts in Baku, continuing activity in the sphere of art practice and audiovisual art.



Events, festivals, projects

2019 — La Collezione Cognitiva - Inaugurazione, Rome, Italy

2019 — La Collezione Sinuosa / The Sinuous Collection, Rome, Italy

2019 — La Collezione Esistenziale - Inaugurazione, Rome, Italy

2019 — Kyiv Non Objective «The World of Icons», Lvov, Ukraine

2018 — Presentation of the film "This is Love" in Russian Cultural and Informational Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 — Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Turkey 

2018  — Icons Medium, Kiev, Ukraine

2018  — 9th international triennial of graphic art, Bitola, Macedonia

2018 —   Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival

2017 —   Biennale: 6 - Imagined Homes, Thessaloniki, Greece

2017 —   DO PÃO - International Documentary Film Festival, Albergaria-a-Velha

2017 —   Kazan international festival Muslim cinema

2017 —   Move Me Productions Belgium - Film Festival

2017 —   Barcelona Planet Film Festival


2017 —   Video Art Μηδέν @ VisualcontainerTV


2016 —  RETHink Art Digital Festival, Greece

2016 —  Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 — Video art Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece 

2015 —  Transcaucasian Movie Evening 07.12.15, Dresden, Germany 

2014 — The Author's course on an art analytics and a "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD. THE ENIGMA, POWER AND ENERGY OF CREATING WORDS

2014 — The Art Dubai, pavilion of the Caucasus and Central Asia, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

2012 — Presentation of media project "Transcommunication: invasion of meanings", Baku, Azerbaijan

2011 — "The earth and people", the International Film festival, Ufa, Russia

2011 — Presentation of the movie "The last one", Baku, Azerbaijan [11]

2009 — UNMITED", Basel, Switzerland

2009 — "CURRAINT D'AJER", Nairs-Skul, Switzerland

2009 — "Cogito ergo sum", the 53rd Venetian Biennial, Italy

2009 — "Maiden Tower", the International Forum on the contemporary art, Baku, Azerbaijan

2009 — "Artisterium", the International exhibition of the contemporary art, Tbilisi, Georgia

2008 — "Steps of Time", Dresden, Germany

2007 — "Time to live", International Cinema the Forum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 — The Azerbaijani contemporary photo, Moscow, Russia

2007 — "Geterotopiya. Other places", the I International Biennial on the contemporary art, Thessaloniki, Greece

2006 — "East-West", the International Festival of Arts, Dee, France

2006 — "Kinoshok", the Film festival of CIS and Baltic countries, Anapa

2006 — "Shekin's Stars", the International Film festival of young cinema, Almaty

2006 — The XXVIII Moscow International Film festival, Media the Forum, Moscow

2006 — Presentation of the film "Temple`s Heart" in the Georgian State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi

2006 — The Athenian International Festival of the video art, Athena

2005 — "Ecotopia: The contemporary art and the Nature on South Caucasus, the II stage", Berlin

2005 — "New cinema. XXI century", Smolensk International Film festival, Smolensk, Russia

2005 — "The Art the Caucasus" the International Festival of visual arts, Tbilisi, Georgia

2003 — the International inter disciplinary project "Ekotopia: The contemporary art and the nature in the Caucasus, the I stage", Tbilisi, Georgia

2003 — International video a festival within the Caucasian Project, Brussels, Belgium

2003 — International video festival within the Caucasian Project, Strasbourg, France





1. "Internal paradise", (2002)

2. "Under the cover", (2002)

3. "Fire call", (2003)

4. "Awakening", (2003)

5. "The Temple`s heart" (2005)

6. "Geo-Creation", (2005)

7. "Black Paradise", (2005)

8. "Palette of life of the artist" (2006), screenwriter

9. "Idyll" (2008)

10. "The private card" (2009)

11. "Paranairs" (2009)

12. "Love? If not that one, then this one" (2010)

13. "The Last one" (2011)

14. "Transcommunication: invasion of meanings" (2012)

15. "Window" (2015)

16. "Contemplation of invisible" (2016)

17. "I am Mona Lisa" (2016)

18. "This is Love" (2017)

19. "Glitch art... Klimt art..." (2017)

20. "Spectrum" (2018)

21. "Three" (2018)

22. "Air" (2018)