The Find of the Way

Summary of the book named "The Find The Way", that was published in 1996 year


Is it possible to combine Faith and Art, Present Artistic Creative and Saved Tradition, Lost in Past, and to comprehend the Aesthetic of Esoterics, in order to achieve magical illumination through Art? The presented book is an attempt of positive answer for this question: this book consists of three essays, which consist in an integral complex of ideas. 

"The Find of the Way" is an attempt to comprehend the origins of the contemporary spiritual crisis of the culture. Impetuous development of artistic ideas and concepts, quick substitution of trends of the avanguard culture of the 20th century have finished by the rise of Postmodernism, that is a phenomenon with the purpose of radical overcome of the New Age's Rationalism becoming absolute and unable to stimulate spiritual evolution mere. Howere the postmodernism would not become a panacea; it does not contain a constructive principle, being oriented to destruction of the illusions and blue dreams of modernism, that is a revolutionary one, by its essence. Art is under the threat of final loss of its sacred nature and of transformation from the spiritual-aesthetical extent into the social-informative one, dissolving in the technological civilization. The only escape is to avoid the present Poly-sementical situation of "quantitative anarchy" for the sphere of regional traditional values, and to find the Alive Tradition as an hierarchy, and as a Magical Vertical, connecting our World with Heaven and Man with God. Thus, that means the resurrection of the Past Values. Each region, each country each continent have their own historical and cultural environment, which defines their real significance. 

A significant part of this essay is dedicated for the origins of the Present Fine Arts of Azerbaijan, that is Pre-lslamic Aesthetics (Stone Memorials of Kobustan, memorials of the New Stone Ages, Sculptures, Zoroastrian temples etc.) and islamic Aesthetics (Miniatures, temple Architecture) "The Manifestation of Transformed Space" and "The Epiphany of Disappearing Unity" bear a Nature of Program being, dedicated to consideration of the complex of problems, concerning the Nature of Sacred. 

Creative Work, and the mental aspects of creative process and profound connections between Art and Esoterical Mystical teaching. 

To reveal the essence of the teaching of illumination Art and of the concept of Total Work and Total Artist that derive from this teaching, is the subject of these two essays. 

Unlike the anti-traditional type of Profanic Work, principles of which have been formulating during the Renaissance (that was the time of beginning aggressive secularization of the all forms of Being, including Art), Total Picture is the new type of Sacred Work, that is a manifestation of Sacred Space, which is based on the integral system of imitative language. 

The spiritual roots of this picture can be found in the theurgical painting of the Ancient Egypt the syncretic cult Artistic Practice of Prekolumbus America, the Bysantian and Ancient Russian iconography, the Buddhist Mandala and the visual-plastic thinking of Antique and Medieval Azerbaijan, realized by carpet art and miniature, stone plastic, Architecture and applied Binds of Creative Work. 


Total Picture, that is object of meditative practice of contemporary man aims to provoke spectator's introspection act and self-consideration, when the consciousness looks into itself, directing its intentious to its own origin that results in spectator's illumination state. Total Work is the most important component of the operational mystics and to create it, revealing of metaplastic principles of the Past Sacred Art and their adopting for the Present Reality are necessary. Total Painter is the follower of the traditions of ancient masters of sacred creative work, who were from the Esoterical Elite (f.e., the institute of Priests in Ancient Egypt) and were aware of the Secret Knowledge. For him, creative work is the Way of pray and meditation, and of active spiritual self-perfection more than the process of objectivation. As to illumination Art, it is fully rootened within Tradition, which is declaring: earlier, a pure metaphysics and applied theurgy (magical-trance rites of initiation and Mystery), deriving from it, existed. Then, by the process of re-adaptation of the Initial Tradition for the conditions of iron Ages (Kaly-Udy), some form of theurgy have been separated from the integral sphere of metaphysics. Later, these forms become something, that had been named as Art. So, the specificity of Art, which, as if, defines its autonomous, status within the limits of general structure of being is a fiction and the product of profanation of the True illumination Art, that is a totality of definite "magical-operational-technical" methods for achievement of contact of man (artist and spectator) with other dimensions of Being and of superior conscious states. The final result is total transmutation of a spiritual person, that means the practical realization of the model of transformation of man into Man-God and later into God-Man. That is to say, illumination Art is the Acting Faith... 


Hence, we can say, that illumination Art Teaching is the essence of all the religions, declaring as following, that was hidden by exoteric surface of these religions: the advayta, that is the undoubleness Doctrine, also and Buddhism, and the internal Ghuru doctrine of Induism has an analogous form in Christianity: "God's Kingdom is inside you ( of luke, 17:21). Finally, the teaching is coming to the last truth of Islam: La ilah ila l-lah-there is no selfness of Ego-intellect of carnal creature, but selfness of God's Ego is, that has been considered by the Sufi theory of "Vahdat al-vujud" (Unity of Existence) thoroughly. 

 One of the basic ideas of the book consists in the emphasis of necessity of reverse transformation of the Present Art into the ethical extent, that shows close dependence of creative power from ethical basic. If only gaing by this direction, Art returning to itself, can resurrect its connections with alive roots of Being again, and become that it must be essentially, that is Theurgy, the purpose of which is to open inner spiritual potence of man and to transform him.


© Teymur Daimi, 1996




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